Lloyd Usecase
8. November 2018
GRANIT Usecase
2. November 2018

NUK Nature Sense

NUK Nature Sense
Customer loyalty beyond the POS

More than just digital signage - more turnover immediately! All the quality features of NUK baby products are made technically understandable and emotionally tangible in dm stores. Audio and video experiences, coupled with a prize draw, generate maximum attention. The recording of all interactions on the shelf provides relevant market research data that can be retrieved online at any time.

First the concept - then the design

After an intensive examination of the product, the contents to be conveyed are structured and their integration determined. This is how the functional structure board for the station is created.

Existing campaign images and product videos are then viewed. The result is an emotional POS presence in the drugstore that corresponds to the current campaign. The customer loyalty beyond this is strengthened by an interactive lottery.

Digital linking with other media

Extension by interfaces that go beyond the POS is conceivable at any time. The possible connection of smartphones, Google, social media, apps or interactive outdoor campaigns and geofencing in the immediate vicinity of the POS make the difference to conventional digital signage.