Fricke Korn
28. November 2018
NUK Nature Sense
7. November 2018

Lloyd Shoes

Interactive POS.
New every season!

Tangible quality and invisible processing features can be experienced interactively in the Lloyd Stores. Audio and video effects generate strong attention. The recording of all interactions ensures relevant market research data gained from customer behaviour at the POS.

First the story, then the design.

After the content coordination has taken place, the various interactive states are conceived and presented as a Storyboard. In the second step, the Storyboard is graphically sketched and then provided with the visible Text-, Image- and Video-Content.

New collection - new design!

The successful autumn / winter collection is sold - spring is coming! With little effort the campaign is now exchanged and the spring/summer collection is visible on all sales areas at the same time. Also the tracking in the backend is updated and the market research for the summer can begin!

In the animation you can see some scenes from the different campaigns.

Travelling all over Germany

The interactive Lloyd POS goes on a journey through the whole of Germany. Professional and appropriate assembly and disassembly as well as the safe transport of the units are guaranteed to our employees by POS-Interactive.