Interactive Info-Points

Indoor and outdoor interactive kiosk for tourism and location marketing

Diverse information and purchase offers for the visitors on site. Our information kiosk can be installed outdoors or indoors in almost any size. All video, image and text information can be controlled individually via the touch-sensitive screen and are thus oriented directly to the individual user's interests. For example, brochures, maps, competitions, vouchers, gastronomic and cultural offers or offers from regional retailers can be displayed. Everything can be transferred immediately to the smartphone and enables not only use on site, but also forwarding to others.

Tabletop Projektion

POS light installation. Interactive touch without a screen!

Present your goods with a surprise effect! The entire table serves as a projection surface and just touching the products triggers action. Customers are also introduced to products in need of explanation in a playful way. All pictures appear by interactive projection, therefore no screens are needed. Use your own furniture for the digital staging of your brand!

Standalone Touchscreen

Product placement with remote effect

The right content story skillfully puts your product in the limelight! As soon as customers take the product into their hands, they receive a wide range of information, such as videos and explanatory product texts. Thus your product world is already digitalized at the POS and - as usual from the net - can be experienced in an interactive way.

Interactive Shelving Systems

Optimal cross-selling - even without consulting personnel

Attention-grabbing product placement in the retail trade. You take a product in your hand, immediately a suitable audio or video content appears or further products are recommended as cross-selling. On the touch screen, customers can take part in online competitions or ask personal questions! The versatile shelf systems are individually designed for your brand and your target groups.

Multitouch Table

All print and online advertising media at a glance

The ideal system to increase attention at trade fairs and symposia shows your visitors interactive and multimedia product and image information. The Multitouch Table is available in any size, allows multiple user instances and supports the display of interactive maps, PDF readers for product catalogues and configurators. Brochures can be easily transferred to the smartphone and allow carefree trade show visits without heavy catalogue carrier bags.