Fricke Korn
28. November 2018

Tourism information

In dialogue with all passersby

Interactive info points for everyone to address in passing. On the street, in buildings and all city hubs. Without boring endless video loops. Here, every passerby decides for himself what he wants to be informed about.

Innovative tourist approach on site:

  • 24 hours attention-grabbing long distance effect
  • Direct customer dialog on streets, squares or in buildings
  • Innovative use on weatherproof touchscreens
  • Unlimited number of providers on each information kiosk
  • Each participant can easily create their own content and upload it to the kiosk via an online connection.
  • Recording of user behavior, all data available online at any time
  • All informations also "to go" through simple transfer to the smartphone

  • Features at a glance:

  • Content management system with design toolbox
  • Online-based content access from any location
  • Integration of own WEB and social media presences
  • Download the information to mobile devices
  • Booking systems, table reservations, etc.
  • Local weather and TV
  • User tracking
  • User-based cross-selling
  • Gaming, various games adjustable