Location Based Marketing

Stationary retail meets online shopping

POS Interactive is much more than digital signage - touching the products already starts the interactive, digital customer dialogue and provides for considerable additional turnover.

In this way, all the advantages of stationary retail at the point of sale are uniquely combined with those of interactive online shopping.

Immediate increase in turnover at the point of sale

Haptics + Digital Interaction

High customer attention due to the surprise effect: The touch of a product triggers the interactive product experience in a playful way. The combination of audiovisual information with customer-controlled actions generates a maximum of attention at the Point of Sale.

Tracking + Market Research in Real Time

Analyze user behavior

POS Interactive ensures the acquisition of customer-specific data for your market research. All interactions are tracked and processed at the Point of Sale and can be retrieved online at any time.

Customer Loyalty beyond the POS Location Based Services

Digital connection links

Cross-media dialogue interfaces or the combination with Beacon technology and smartphone for proximity marketing. Integration of Google, social media, web shops, apps and geofencing.uation of customer loyalty beyond the POS by using your own online access at home and on the road.Today, there are many ways to continue online customer loyalty beyond the point of sale.

24/7 - Access to your Station

All Content and Market Research data always up to date

The content can be changed at any time by online access to the POS Interactive Units. Displayed content can be adapted or the market research data retrieved. Costly visits by sales force are no longer necessary.

Support of Sales Personnel

Better informed shop staff

Interactive brand experience ensures for consulting competence to be available at all times, even without sales people standing by. The shop staff playfully deals with the products and is able to advise the customer even better - without any further staff training.

All done by one Provider

Full Service for the interactive POS

We accompany you from the first idea to rollout and – as a Full Service Agency – we also design all accompanying measures for you.

  • Campaign Conception
  • Storytelling & Content Creation
  • Audio & Video Production, Programming
  • Evaluation of Market Research Data
  • Logistics & Services
"The possibilities of POS Interactive convinced me immediately. The rapid implementation at Brunnée made it possible for us to test the system at short notice and gain experience. The generated turnover of our X-Motion collection presented via the system increased by up to 100%."

Andreas Schaller, Managing Director, LLOYD Shoes GmbH

Case Studies

This is how how Location Based Marketing works...

… for example, at the traditional brand LLOYD Shoes. We created an interactive table projection that effectively presents the shoes of the current collection and explains the product advantages in a playful way.

... and there is more!

The POS Interactive Unit shown here was developed for the NUK baby brand and its Nature Sense product group. Customers gain important information for the products in need of explanation on the individually manufactured POS structure. Google worked closely with us on tracking and online linking.

POSI for gastronomy and beverage trade

This interactive staging is part of the gastronomy launch of the new brand FRICKE Drinks. Young people, parties, cocktails and lots of fun. The stylish tasting presentation with action, sound and video provides a lot of wow effects for our target group!

POSI as an eye-catcher in exhibitions

Location Based Marketing at the Point of Interest. For the wholesaler GRANIT and its exhibition presentation of Hitachi/Hikoki professional tools. As soon as the visitor has one of the tools, the product-specific audiovisual story with its diverse interactions starts on the screen. Tracking provides individual customer information